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Information for Landlords & Developers

The Meanwhile Foundation can:

– Defray vacant property costs
– Deliver regeneration and build good will for your vision
– Enhance your placemaking strategy for your development

If you allow us to become the tenant of your property to deliver our Charitable Objects then the net affect can be to reduce your business rates liability by 50%.

This will be useful to you in the months of years before you commence development by defraying the holding costs of your property; build local goodwill by engaging with communities and support the narrative and placemaking of your project.

We can also work with you once your project is complete if you have vacant commercial space by offsetting the costs of fitting out ground floor commercial space against the money you’l save.

An active ground floor space can help to attract footfall, maximise the regeneration impact of your project and accelerate the process of securing a commercial tenant.