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Information for Local Authorities

The Meanwhile Foundation can:

– Help to reduce persistent town centre vacancy and introduce new economic activity into neighbourhoods
– Bring underused or blighted property back into constructive occupation
– Allow local people to actively participate in the regeneration in their neighbourhood
– Defray the costs of vacant property in phased regeneration projects
– Maximise the value for money of project delivery

We offer two options for local authorities. If you are planning to support a number of projects we can offer an annual membership of £10,000 and we will support any project that meets our Charitable Objects.

We can also support projects on a case-by-case basis and halve the business rates liability of individual spaces.

We can carry property risk and become the tenant of 3rd party premises. Vacant spaces can then be used to deliver projects such as affordable workspace of for themed activities such as health or training.

Through the impact of the relief we can get on business rates, you can divert more of your budget towards delivering your project outcomes, while the relief of rates can be considered as match funding by regeneration funding agencies.