When appropriate, we may form a partnership with a Meanwhile Operator to deliver a project. This will involve Meanwhile Foundation entering into a lease on the vacant property and a service level agreement with the Meanwhile Operator to manage the space and its users.  

In return for an agreed partnership fee, Meanwhile Foundation can hold leases for spaces and provide strategic guidance and support to the partner to ensure the best possible social impacts for the project. The projects listed below were all delivered this way. 

We are currently working on providing a new partnership offer which will likely comprise two options:

1) a capacity building programme that identifies and shares expertise with a local organisation who can be built up to become an intermediary landlord spreading the benefits or impacts of meanwhile use to others in their community. It is likely this organization will need to have a suitable governance structure, staff structure and experience of lease holding

2) Each year we aim to deliver one partnership project directly for a fee where we hold leases directly and act as the intermediary landlord. This will depend on nature of the project and ongoing resource requirement for delivery. Please anticipate a partnership fee of upwards of £10,000. As a volunteer run charity, this fee allows us to keep the advice and guidance platform running for members as well as developing new tools and resources for those doing meanwhile use which can also be requested on the Resource page.

Till then we welcome direct approaches but ask you take the time to provide us with some key information in the form below first. The Board meets to review any partnership applications on a quarterly basis 

Partnership scoring criteria

Partnership application form

Or become a Member to access resources to support you or your constituents projects instantly. 


Open Doors

A pilot scheme matching landlords struggling to find tenants for their empty properties with community groups looking for space.
21 Jan 2019

Chesterfield House, Wembley

Low cost office, studio, workshop space and a car park for creatives and entrepreneurs
5 Dec 2018

Queens Parade in Willesden green

Start up and retail incubation in Willesden green for those who are ready for a longer stint in a supported retail space
6 Jan 2016

Start Here in Harrow

Start Here aimed to seed and nurture Harrow's enterprising spirit by enabling opportunities from vacant and underused commercial spaces
1 Oct 2015
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