What is it?

STUN stands for Social Temporary Use Network. The annual camp brings together actors of change, DIYers, masterminds and activists to imagine, create and celebrate the power of meanwhile use. The STUN camp has a two-fold ambition:

  1. Gather platforms of meanwhile use in order to create and strengthen STUN as a network
  2. Reach a wider audience in order to spread the practice and mentality of meanwhile use.

The programme is based on three intentions:

  1. Build - A 1 Ha open air playground to challenge DIY skills and collectively create fantastic installations
  2. Exchange - Daily sessions to increase knowledge on meanwhile use, collective intelligence, the Commons, DIY/DIT, etc.
  3. Celebrate - Plenty of moments for casual meetings and wild experiences, because that is when strong bonds are developed

(photo credits: Olivier Leclerq)


Every year, the camp is organised in a meanwhile use site which is run by one of the partners. This year, Yes We Camp invites participants to Vive les Groues, in Paris. The location has been used as incubator for local initiatives brought to life by Yes We Camp and partners. The purpose is to create sustainable projects and relationships that can continue their lives within the neighbourhood once the site has been turned into a residential district.

During the camp, participants will support the ongoing metamorphosis of this site by dreaming up new and useful spaces for the community of Vive Les Groues.

(photo credits: Yes We Can)


The camp takes place between 10-20 October 2019. Participants can choose to stay for the whole length or choose one of the following:

  • Block 1: 10 - 15 October
  • Block 2: 15 - 20 October

How can you be part of it?

You can register here. The STUN camp tries to be as inclusive and accessible as possible, so there are three types of contributions. 

  1. CAFFÈ SOSPESO (pay as much as you want to help someone less fortunate take part, too): >€200 for the entire camp or >€120 for either Block 1 or Block 2
  2. THE REAL-COST RATE: €200 for the entire camp or €120 for either Block 1 or Block 2
  3. THE DISCOUNT RATE (an option for those who really cannot pay the 'real cost' rate): €100 for the entire camp or €60 for either Block 1 or Block 2

If you really cannot afford any of the above rates, you can email [email protected] and the organisers will strive to find the best solution together.

For more practical information and inspiration, check the official website and the event's Facebook page.

(photo credits: Yes We Can)

Written by Lorena Axinte using the original information published on the STUN website and photos provided by Antoine Dutrieu.

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