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This case study library compiles existing writing on meanwhile use through the generous support of the writers. We welcome submissions from a broad range of writers on the topic of meanwhile use. This can be a link to a resource published elsewhere and / or a case study to be profiled on the Meanwhile Foundation website. 

This collection shares stories, reports, articles and case studies already published elsewhere and Meanwhile Foundation is not quality reviewing or endorsing these projects in any further way. 

We hope by making these case studies available we can support greater participation in meanwhile use through sharing best practice and precedents to people or organisations that own or want to see vacant property put to use. We also hope it will inspire better quality meanwhile use projects with enhanced social impacts. 

You can browse the resources in date order below or alternatively choose a category of interest on the left hand side of this page. If you would like to become a contributor, please click here.

High Street Croydon

Temporary pedestrianisation of Croydon High Street for future permanent intervention and test site for civic activities
23 Sep 2019

College Square, Croydon

A new civic space, facilitating pedestrian permeability, in collaboration with Central Saint Martins
13 Sep 2019

Croydon Arts Store

The old Grange furniture store in the Whitgift Centre, Croydon transformed into an arts and cultural venue
30 Aug 2019

Meanwhile use in Wales: Summary and guidance from CREW

A report summarising the context, background, potential benefits and challenges of meanwhile use in Wales
15 Aug 2019

Meanwhile Space - 10 years in Practice

A review of empirical evidence that Meanwhile Space has accumulated during their ten years enabling temporary use of vacant spaces in the UK
23 Jul 2019

Meanwhile strategies from the REFILL project

REuse of vacant spaces as driving Force for Innovation on Local Level
18 Jul 2019

Vacant to vibrant. Creating successful green infrastructure networks.

Sandra Albro offers practical insights from the Vacant to Vibrant project, which piloted the creation of green infrastructure networks.
1 Apr 2019
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